S2 E10: Kind of a Gray Area

BelleJennie Zell
DubsJustin Wilson
Nicholas Timmins , Mayor of StrawberryChris Otto
Steve TimminsPeter Gardner
Jim TimminsCharlynn Schmeidt
Tre DunoTalbert Dunn
Sheriff Antonio Parker
Jesse GrayKasey Kennedy
Tavish GrayNick Stephens
Scott GrayAustin Johnson
Gareth BraithwaiteKris Roley
Darcy BraithwaiteLauren Izzo
Catherine BraithwaiteMarlene Otto
Father CrustyKris Roley
Grandma in the cornerJustin Wilson
George Lewis, ForemanDon Lee
Ralph & BarthKasey Kennedy and Austin Johnson
Aries & PaxtonJustin & Cory

Belle finds a familiar friend in an unfamiliar place. Spelling is super important sometimes. Two families in Rhodes hate each other’s guts. The Mayor has had enough of Milly.

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