S2 E8: Dude, Where’s My Camp?

Courtier image courtesy of Doktor A

Got ghosts? Call the Ghostbaggers! Pr Fetis sets things straight. Jorge tells a chilling tale. Miss Patrice announces her new grand opening.

BelleJennie Zell
DubsJustin Wilson
Nicholas Timmins , Mayor of StrawberryChris Otto
Steve TimminsPeter Gardner
Jim TimminsCharlynn Schmeidt
Tre DunoTalbert Dunn
SexbotsAnna Tozzi-Barbay
Scarlett Meadows Community TheaterBelle & Dubs
Pr. FetisBryan Lewis
GhostbaggersMeri, Hailey, Lauren, Steph
Miss PatriceAnna Tozzi-Barbay
Doc BeigeMatt Wade
TerminatrixAnna Tozzi-Barbay
WillJustin Wilson
JedJennie Zell
Black CatRon Martin
DoobBryan Lewis
RaggyJustin Wilson

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