S2 E7: The Sweethearts Bow

Belle and Dubs return, sans tonic addiction, for a romantic train ride around the region. Pr Fetis makes matches. Rebecca Combs gets to the bottom of things.

BelleJennie Zell
DubsJustin Wilson
Nicholas Timmins , Mayor of StrawberryChris Otto
Steve TimminsPeter Gardner
Jim TimminsCharlynn Schmeidt
Tre DunoTalbert Dunn
Amber, Mayor’s Personal AssistantPookie Copperpot
Pr. Fetis, Fortune TellerBryan Lewis
Rebecca CombsTaz Weysweete’
Curtis Malloy, Sheriff of ValentineBen Taylor
Aries & PaxtonJustin & Cory
MildredKara Dennison
John Van HornyRobert Peason
Wooly WillySean Bergeron
AldenBenjamin McCormick
PhyllisJessica Scheck
RemerMatt Thomas

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